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19 June, 2023

What Do Site Search & Collection Analytics Tell About Your Shoppers’ Behavior?

Understanding your customers' behavior and preferences is crucial for online business success. Site search and collection analytics provide valuable insights beyond what products and keywords shoppers seek. These takeaways undoubtedly allow you to optimize your website's functionality, improve your offerings, and enhance the customer experience while increasing sales.
26 March, 2022

How to Convert Your Website Visitors Into Customers?

Most marketing strategists focus on driving traffic towards their websites. But does a higher traffic count mean a higher conversion rate? The average website conversion rate is a mere 2.35%, whereas the top 10% of websites have a relatively impressive conversion rate of 11%.
15 September, 2021

Securing Late Payments From Clients and Customers Without Burning Bridges

Payments are your lifeline when you’re a contractor or small business owner. Unfortunately, as you have probably discovered personally, customers are infamously stingy when it comes […]
3 March, 2021

Why Photo Reviews Are Must-Have for Your Online Store?

This blog discusses the importance of photo reviews for your online store, including how they can build your store's credibility, reputation and boost up sales, SEO.
3 April, 2019


You have your products, your creative ideas and you are ready to learn how to build your own online store?!! Here are 5 steps in about […]